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Royal Canin Veterinary dDiet

Cat Nutrition

Even in the olden days, the cat was a predator and a carnivore. The cat has the unique ability to search for food which has the nutrients it needs. Besides, cats always eat as much as they need to. As a pet, a cat spends most of her time indoors. You have to provide her with food which will be appropriate for its age and breed. Persian and Siamese cats, due to their specific needs, should only be fed food appropriate for their breeds.

Have you known that your cat needs:

  • 10 times more protein (per kilogram body mass) than the human
  • Special fats and vitamins (for example, Vitamin А) which its body is unable to produce
  • taurin- amino acid which its body in unable to produce, so it must be added as part of its nutrition because of its importance for the immune system, fertility and sight
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Health nutrition for mini dogs (from 1 to 10 kg)


SIZE HEALTH NUTRITION: The term "MINI" describes dogs weighing between 1 and 10 kg at adult age.

This category includes" Toys" whose weight does not exceed 4 kg.

MINI dogs were originally prized for their hunting skills. Today they are very popular as pets. They take well to a sedentary life, even in towns, on condition they are taken out for regular exercise.

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health nutrition for medium dogs (from 11 to 25 kg)

Major characteristics of MEDIUM dogs: The MEDIUM group represents dogs whose adult weight is between 11 and 25kg. There are 137 Medium breeds officially recognised by the FCI Federation Cynologique International.

In just 12 months, the Medium puppy increases his birth weight by around 40 to 50 times.

Renowned for their bravery, dynamism and physical aptitude for outdoors work, Medium dogs have always been prized for their abilities. With both speed and stamina, they make excellent herding and hunting dogs. Perfectly comfortable with modern lifestyles, they are particularly popular today for their active nature and their intuition, and are often seen in agility and obedience classes.

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Major characteristics of MAXI dogs: Since olden times, Maxi dogs have been treasured for their incredible working abilities. Even today, they are still superb herding, tracking, rescue, guard and assistance dogs.

Powerful, devoted, very attractive, strong and vigorous...the Maxi dog is an outdoors type above all, and works alongside his master in a perfect working or sporting partnership.

MAXI dogs are particularly prone to sensitive digestions. This usually shows itself as wet, soft, voluminous and bad-smelling stools, which can be a direct result of the specific anatomical and physiological characteristics of large breed dogs:

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HEALTH NUTRITION for GIANT dogs ( > 45 kg.)

Major characteristics of GIANT dogs:Royal Canin uses the name GIANT to refer to dogs whose adult weight exceeds 45kg. They are only 28 breeds, recognized by the FCI (Fédération cynologique internationale).

First found in Ireland between 2500 and 1500 years before Christ, the Irish Wolfhound, also known as the Irish Greyhound, can sometimes reach 1m high at the shoulder, and is thus the world's biggest dog. His courage and extraordinary power has been used in hunting wolves, moose, and even bears. In the image of his glorious ancestors, the Giant dog has a unique stature, power and elegance. He is a quiet, affectionate companion, and totally loyal to his

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Castration of dogs and tomcats

Castration of males and sterilization of females causes a dilemma and many questions for the owner. Many owners do not know it because of what castration of males in some cases is indicated, when to perform it and how it effects to the behavior and character of the animal.

What is castration?

Castration means surgical removal of both testicles with general anesthesia. It is wrong to say "sterilization of females " because castration refers only to removal of the testicles.
Indications for castration

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Стерилизација на кучки и мачки

Многу прашања со кои се среќаваме во нашата амбуланта се поврзани со дилемата околу стерилизација на женките. Сопствениците не прашуваат дали е неопходно да ги парат кучките или мачките, како стерилизацијата делува на здравјето и карактерот на нивните миленици, колку пати треба да се пари женката за да биде здрава итн.

Што е стерилизација?

Под стерилизација се подразбира целосно хируршко одстранување на матката и јајниците на женката во општа анестезија

Здравствен аспект на стерилизацијата

Стерилизацијата се препорачува како превентива на болестите на млечните жлезди и репродуктивните органи кои се многу застапени кај кучките и мачките, како и кај животни заболени од болести кои не се поврзани ...

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Исхрана на кучиња според PRO PAC

Earthborn Holistic

PRO PAC® Earthborn Holistic нуди уникатен пристап во природната исхрана, поврзувајќи ги најздравите конвенционални со холистичките состојки. Примарни извори на протеини се дехидрирано пилешко месо и месо од харинги. PRO PAC® Earthborn Holistic содржи корисни овошја, зеленчуци и мирудии, целозрнести комплексни јаглехидрати, и специјална мешавина на масло од канадска репка и рибино масло, кои се богати со Omega-3 масни киселини неопходни за здрава кожа и прекрасно крзно. PRO PAC® Earthborn Holistic нуди природен, холистички пристап во најдобрата исхрана за кучиња без да се наруши квалитетот или вкусот, природно е конзервиран и има 100% загарантираност.

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